5 - DSP specifics

This article summarizes specific information for the DSPs connected to the Smart AdServer RTB+ platform.


  • AppNexus does not bid on inventory with the transparency settings "Blind" or "Semitransparent"
  • AppNexus does not bid on bid requests where the global floor price is higher than the floor price of the deal
  • a Direct Deal in Smart AdServer results in a Private Auction in AppNexus
  • a Private Auction in Smart AdServer results in an Open Auction in AppNexus
  • the Deal ID is not supported in Open Auctions

Do not create a Private Auction when AppNexus is the bidder.

This table shows Smart AdServer setups and their equivalent in AppNexus

Smart AdServer AppNexus Supported
Direct Deal
Private Auction
Direct Deal connected with Insertion
Private Auction yes
Direct Deal connected with Insertion and "Exclusive" checkbox enabled
Private Auction
Private Auction Open Auction no
Private Auction connected with insertion Open Auction no
Private Auction with connected insertion and "Exclusive" checkbox enabled Private Auction no


As a publisher, if you wish to make a deal with Criteo, please reach out to the following contact on Criteo's side: Djilali Zitouni - d.zitouni@criteo.com

Google DBM

Smart AdServer not visible as an SSP

As a buyer, if you cannot see Smart AdServer (as an SSP) in the Google DBM user interface, follow these instructions:

  • navigate to Partner
  • edit Partner
  • go to Exchanges
  • find SmartRTB
  • select checkbox
  • click Save

Hosting source

Problems may occur if the hosting source of the creative is a third party (e. g. Flashtalking)

Custom affinity targeting / affinity audiences

The buyer should not use custom affinity targeting / affinity audiences: one of the limitations of custom affinity targeting is that it can only be used on adx deals:

"Affinity audiences are currently only targetable on DoubleClick Ad Exchange inventory, so if your line item targets only affinity audiences, it will only buy from Ad Exchange. However, if your targeting includes an affinity segment and one or more first- or third-party audience lists in a logical OR relationship, your line item will still be able to purchase impressions from exchanges other than Ad Exchange."

User cookie lifetime

The lifetime of the user cookie (user matching) is 2 years.


  • through a deal, buyers challenge the network bid floor and the deal bid floor; thus, buyers need to bid higher than both of these bid floors in order to win the deal
  • no support of multi-size bid requests


  • no support of multi-impression bid requests; will be supported soon
  • no support of interstitial requests; will be supported soon
  • no support of the following sizes: 970x300, 990x90
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