What information should I include in a support request?

When you contact the Smart AdServer support team, you should include all the relevant information related to your issue.

This article explains what information to include for each type of issue.

General information

  • provide the Insertion ID(s) (avoids misunderstandings; insertion names are not necessarily unique)
  • describe all the steps the support agent needs to perform in order to reproduce the issue
  • start a new e-mail thread with a new e-mail subject for each issue (do not mix 2 issues in a single e-mail thread); the Smart AdServer ticketing system creates a separate ticket for each e-mail subject
  • use screenshots for illustration; make sure you highlight the relevant section on the screenshot (e. g. add a red arrow, which points to the relevant section, or draw a red box around the relevant section)

Developer tools

Before creating a support ticket, try to fix your issue using Developer Tools available in browsers (e. g. Google Chrome Developer Tools).

These tools allow you to inspect:

  • the entire ad request with targeting criteria (tgt=)
  • Smart AdServer's response (creative code)
  • cookies
  • request headers etc.

The screenshot above shows the Chrome Developer Tools, filtered for requests with "smart".

Example ad request URL:


In this ad request you can see the Ad call parameters and their values (e. g. siteid=12345) which are passed to Smart AdServer.

Creative issues

Please provide:

  • the website URL where the problem creative is displayed
  • the insertion ID where the creative is located
  • the creative name; if there are multiple creatives with the same name, click the "Expand" button and copy the "imgid=" (creative ID)
  • the original version of the creative (before you made changes to it), regardless of the creative type (agency scripts, HTML5, flash etc.)

Reporting issues

Please provide:

  • a screenshot of the parameters of your report: aggregation, columns, metrics, time frame etc.
  • the report name
  • the report file (.xlsx or .csv format)


Big Data Report names are displayed in the Reports list:

In case of Global network statistics (GNS), only provide the report parameters if they are different from the default parameters.

Download GNS reports as follows:

Counting discrepancy issues

Impression or click counting discrepancies between publisher and agency/advertiser systems are a common industry problem.

To assess if the discrepancies occur consistently over the campaign/insertion timeframe, you should

  • request a report from the third party (advertiser, agency); ideally, the report is "by hour", or "by day" in case "by hour" is not available
  • generate the corresponding report in the Smart AdServer UI (by hour)
  • copy the data from both systems into an Excel sheet
  • make sure the data of both systems are in the correct row in order to compare them easily
  • highlight the rows where you see discrepeancies
  • send the Excel file to the support team including the affected insertion ID(s)

Forecast issues

Provide a screenshot of the criteria under Summary ① and the Computation period ②.

Generate a Custom report and provide a screenshot of the criteria you selected (columns, metrics etc.)

Delivery issues

When an insertion is not displayed as expected, please provide:

  • the insertion ID
  • the website URL where you are seeing the issue
  • if applicable, other insertion IDs which are linked with or excluded from your insertion
  • if applicable, other insertions which are part of the group volume

Targeting issues

When dealing with targeting issues, it is critical to have as much information as possible about the ad request.

This table shows targeting-related information and where it is relevant:

Information Relevant for How to find it
IP address Geo targeting, ISP targeting http://supportdetails.com/
Cookie acceptance Conversion tracking, capping etc.
Browser settings
Browser version Browser targeting http://supportdetails.com
Screen resolution Platform targeting http://www.whoishostingthis.com/tools/user-agent/
User agent Platform targeting, Manufacturer/Model Targeting, OS Targeting http://www.whoishostingthis.com/tools/user-agent/
Keywords Keyword targeting Use Developer tools (see "Developer tools“ chapter above) to view the keywords passed with the ad request)
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