Introduction to Automated Guaranteed

Automated Guaranteed (AG) is Smart AdServer's platform to sell premium guaranteed inventory in a programmatic, but not auction-based way. The goal of Automated Guaranteed is to be 100% publisher focused and buyer platform agnostic.

Using the IAB OpenDirect specification, Smart AdServer aims to be integrated with as many AG buying platforms as possible, so that agencies and advertisers can discover your inventory and request booking with the platform they use everyday.

On the buy side, Automated Guaranteed follows an e-commerce website workflow: adding products to the cart to build the mediaplan and then transacting (requesting a booking).

Automated guaranteed is not real-time bidding: inventory is managed and booked in advance of the campaign start date.

Goals and benefits

Automated Guaranteed main goals and benefits are:

  • the publisher's products become easily discoverable among connected buying platforms
  • more efficency through integration of Automated Guaranteed in the ad server (no need to use third party technologies)
  • the publisher can access additional campaigns thanks to the discovery feature in the buying platform
  • the process is automated and supports guaranteed inventory
  • lower risk of errors due to automation
  • full control: a single UI to create/update the product catalog, validate campaigns & creatives etc.


For a short description of Automated Guaranteed terms, check the glossary.


  1. The publisher creates a product catalogue: packaging inventory (sites) and assigning prices.
  2. The publisher gets in touch with the buyer (agency or advertiser) and gives them the Open Direct credentials.
  3. The buyer can now search for the publisher's products.
  4. The buyer sends a proposal (request to book a campaign).
  5. If the proposal is accepted by the publisher, an order (campaign) can be created.
  6. Within the campaign, the publisher creates the lines (insertions) associated with the product.
  7. The buyer requests reservation of the given inventory.
  8. The publisher does an inventory check; if OK, the line(s) change status to validated.
  9. When the line(s) (insertion(s)) are validated, they will start automatically at the specified start date.
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