Using Integral Ad Science VANS

Integral Ad Science (IAS) provides the technology Video Ad Networks Solution (VANS). This technology includes brand safety, fraud detection and viewability features. It consists of two components:

  • Campaign Monitoring (CM) - dedicated to publishers who have direct contact with IAS to measure the entire inventory
  • Firewall (FW) - dedicated to advertisers/agencies to measure a specific campaign

Smart AdServer has integrated with IAS's VANS technology to be able to use both IAS products without the need to change the video ad tags served.

You can use both components (CM and FW) together at the same time.

The integration does not include reporting. The data measured by IAS are only accessible through IAS's reporting tools.

The IAS integration works with Smart AdServer's Video instream for web and mobile web only!
You must use Smart AdServer's Video Plugin or the Embedded VPAID Ad Manager to use the IAS integration.

Campaign monitoring solution

To use the campaign monitoring solution as a publisher, you need to

  • sign a contract with Integral Ad Science
  • retrieve the integralAdScienceAnId from IAS (this ID represents the Video Ad Network)
  • specify the ID in the Publisher Options (as described here)

Firewall solution

In case of advertisers/agencies who are IAS customers, proceed as follows:

  • request the two IDs advEntityId and pubEntityId from the advertiser/agency for the campaign to be measured
  • when programming the campaign, enter the two IDs into the according fields in the script template (e. g. script template [VIDEO] VAST 3.0 - LINEAR)


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