RTB+ standalone - Setup guide

Thank you for your interest in Smart AdServer and the RTB+ Standalone product.

We are excited to have you onboard soon.

To get you started, please provide all required and requested documents. Without these documents, we are not able to set up your network and provide you with ad tags.

Summary of next steps

  • You fill out the below listed documents and send them over for approval.
  • Once materials are ready and approved, Smart AdServer sets up your network including campaigns, insertions, delivery rules and ad tags.
  • Smart AdServer sends you a confirmation email with everything you need (ad tags and login credentials). At that point, you will be all set to place Smart AdServer ad tags live and generate traffic.

All in all, this process will take about one business day.

If your submitted information is not complete, we cannot proceed until you have provided the missing information.


Please fill out the following four documents and send them to RTB-Setup-US@smartadserver.com.

Site Mapping Template

Please note there are a total of 3 tabs you have to complete.

Tab 1 - Site Mapping

Type in the name of your website you are planning to implement a tag on. Each site will be on a new line.

Setup for site specific ad tags
Smart AdServer recommends setting up dedicated ad tags per site. For example, if you have a total of 5 sites, it is recommended to create one ad tag per site resulting in a total of 5 ad tags.

The advantage of having specific ad tags, will give you the option to target specific sites, pull reports with more ease, and optimize more effectively.

When done, the Site Mapping Template, should look as follows:

After filling out the "Name" and "URL" (do not use 'www.' and just use ‘http://’ or ‘https://’), select the appropriate IAB category and applicable format sizes.

Setup for run of network ad tags
Smart AdServer also offers the option to create Run of Network (RON) ad tags. If you have a large site list (with over 100 sites), then you may want to run generic RON ad tags.

If this is the case, please map out your naming convention in the Site mapping template. For video, we generally recommend this naming convention: RON_PlayerSize_FloorPrice (e. g. RON_Largeplayer_8, RON_Mediumplayer_6, RON_Smallplayer_4, etc.).

It should look as follows:

Keep in mind: When using RON sites, it will not allow targeting of specific sites and site specific optimizations.
Additionally, the floor price in the site name will be gross as Smart AdServer's revenue will always be set in gross (i.e. RON_Largeplayer_8 refers to $8.00 gross).

Fill out the "Name";

For "URL", use your platform's name, if applicable (replace 'http://yourcompanyname.com' with your company name after 'http://'.

For RON ad tags for display, follow a similar naming convention.

Provide the website URL. Please use the following naming syntax: http://yoursitename.com (Do not include “www.”)

IAB Category
Please specify the IAB category your site is assigned to. This is important as this category will be sent with the bid request. Pick the appropriate IAB category using the dropdown menu in the Excel file.

Level 1 page name
Put the page name of your site here. E.g. Homepage, News etc.

A format is the placement identifier, ad unit, or size of your new ad placement. Specify each format/size you will be using and use “x” to check off for each applicable site/page. You can check out our example in the site mapping template.

Tab 2 - Blockable Categories

Specify which IAB categories should be blocked by placing a ‘X’.

Tab 3 - Site List

List all websites that you are planning on implementing Smart AdServer's ad tags.

The list will have to go through Smart AdServer's QA process and must be approved. We will let you know as soon as this is done.

Be sure to use the following naming syntax: http://yoursitename.com

Site List Template

Different from the Site Mapping template, this is a list of all sites you will be working with and planning to run Smart AdServer's ad tags on.

If you have an existing site list, you may provide that. Otherwise, use our simple template inside the “Site Mapping” form and copy and paste your list there.

Note: We cannot proceed without having approved your list first.

Passback Template

Working with display, you must provide passback ad tags for each format/size.

You can either attach all passbacks in your own format of choice or use our simple document to copy and paste everything. If you have universal passback ad tags, that is accepted as well.

Note: Please note that we can only proceed with your setup if we have passbacks for each format.

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