I cannot see my insertion on my website - what can I do?

This article explains the checks to perform when an insertion (creative(s)) you expect on a website is not displayed.

Developer tools

The developer tools available in browsers (e. g. Google Chrome Developer Tools) are highly recommended.

These tools allow you to inspect:

  • the entire ad request with targeting criteria (parameters in the query string)
  • Smart AdServer's response
  • cookies etc.

The screenshot above shows the Chrome Developer Tools, filtered for requests with "smart".

Example ad request URL:


In this ad request you can see the Ad call parameters and their values (e. g. siteid=12345) which are being passed to Smart AdServer.

Step 1: Check insertion status

Make sure the status of the insertion is online.

If the status is not online, click Put online

Step 2: Check schedule

Check the insertion schedule

Go to the General settings tab of the insertion
Check the schedule
Check the custom delivery timeframes (if applicable)

Step 3: Check placement

Go to Campaigns > Insertion follow up

Switch to the Advanced filters tab
Select Status "All"
Select Delivery State "All"

Scroll down and add the Format and the Site/Page where you expect the insertion.

Click Calculate

=> If your insertion is not in the list of insertions, the issue is placement-related. Switch to your insertion and add the correct format/site/page (corresponding to the site where you expect the insertion).

Step 4: Check targeting

Go to the Targeting tab of your insertion.

Go through the targeting criteria and check if they match with what is passed in the ad call.

Step 5: Check priority

The priority of your insertion might be too low. For instance, if your problem insertion is on level "Normal 3" and there is another "Exclusive" insertion, your problem insertion will not be displayed at all (more about priorities here).

  • Go to Campaigns > Insertion follow-up
  • Proceed as described in Step 3 above (select placement on the Advanced Tab)
  • Filter the insertions with higher priorities using the Priority slider

Step 6: Check linked insertions

Your problem insertion may not be displayed due to a competing linked insertion.

Keep in mind, that links enforce the delivery of all linked insertions.

Even if the linked insertion priority is lower than the priority of your problem insertion, the linked insertion "wins" the impression when it is linked to another (third) insertion.

Step 7: Insertion is off due to delivery plan

Insertions on the priority levels Low, Normal and High have a delivery plan. These insertions deliver their impression/click volume in a paced manner (distributed over the timeframe).

To guarantee the paced delivery, Smart AdServer switches the insertion off for short periods of time. Else, it would deliver its volume too quickly.

This temporary "off" status lasts for a maximum of 5 minutes.

Step 8: Force delivery

You may wish to force a specific insertion to deliver.

Set your insertion to the priority level "Exclusive without capping"

Target the insertion to your own IP address on the Targeting tab of your insertion

As a result, your insertion will be displayed upon every page impression (Exclusively) and only on your own computer (IP Targeting). You can then proceed with testing.

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