Mobile deep linking


In the context of mobile apps, deep linking refers to opening an installed app, rather than the browser: the end user taps on the creative which then redirects to a specific ("deep") location within the target app.


This deep link opens WhatsApp and sends "Hello World" via the app:



This deep link opens the profile with ID 33138223345 within the Facebook app:


Mobile deep linking in iOS

Paste the deep link into the field App link URL (Deep linking for iOS SDK >= 6.5). If available, the SDK will try to open directly the app corresponding to this URL.

- the target app will be presented only if it's installed on the device or whitelisted by the app referral
- only works with iOS SDK 6.5 or higher
- only works with iOS 10 or higher

If the target app cannot be opened, the SDK will try to open the creative's click URL as a fallback.

Mobile deep linking in Android

The Android SDK does not require any specific deep link URL. It will use the creative's click URL and will try to open it in the dedicated app automatically.

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