RTB+ standalone - Quick start guide

This article is designed for the workflow and needs of US customers. For further details on RTB+ standalone, see the according sections in these articles:

- 1 - Administration (standalone)
- 3 - Insertions
- 6 - Passback insertions (optional)

Welcome to Smart’s RTB Standalone product!

Now that you have received your first tags and before we schedule a training, we would like to show you a few quick tips on how to navigate Manage and where to find information.

Log on

  • Sign in to the User interface here
  • Use your Manage ID (1) and Password (2)

RTB+ Settings

All the basics have already been set up and you can most likely ignore this step.

However, if you require different floor prices, rules need to be used to override the already set global floor price.

Go to RTB+ > Delivery Rules and create new delivery rules.

For more about delivery rules, click here.

RTB+ Dashboard

The RTB+ Dashboard:

  • gives you a quick overview of your RTB performance
  • allows you to double check delivery rules and/or access RTB+ reports


To access reporting, go to RTB+ > RTB+ Performance reports.

Alternatively, you can also go to RTB+ custom Reports to create a report from scratch using the report wizard.

To learn more about Smart AdServer's RTB Standalone product and/or to make changes to your setup, visit the RTB+ Startup guide

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