01 - Reporting API - Getting started


The Reporting API is a RESTful API, which allows you to request, generate and retrieve reports.

Before you start

You need a valid Smart AdServer account, which is enabled for API use. Request it from your service contact.

Entry point

The entry point for the web service is:



You must provide your credentials in the header of the HTTP request:

Authorization: Basic YYY

Where YYY is the base64 representation of the string resulting from the concatenation of the login and the password, separated by an "@" character.

Some plugins (e. g. HttpRequester or DHC REST client will do the base64 encoding for you. You simply have to add the following header:

Authorization = Basic login@password


Web Service URLs

Description Details HTTP
Generation of a report (scheduled or not) Generates a report, or schedules one for future launches.
Must contain a body describing the report in the form of a JSON
POST https://reporting.smartadserverapis.com/[NETWORK_ID]/reports
Simulate a report to get report type Simulates a report with the same JSON you are intending to use to generate the report. Returns the report type (Precomputed, Precomputed big data, Logs) POST https://reporting.smartadserverapis.com/[NETWORK_ID]/reports?simulate=true
Get a report instance status Returns the status of the specified report instance GET https://reporting.smartadserverapis.com/[NETWORK_ID]/reports/[TASK_ID]/instances/[TASK_INSTANCE_ID]/
Get a report status Returns data about a particular task. Includes the last launch of this task, if available GET https://reporting.smartadserverapis.com/[NETWORK_ID]/reports/[TASK_ID]
Get all instances of a report Returns data about all instances of a particular task. Note: does not contain the outputs for each instance GET https://reporting.smartadserverapis.com/[NETWORK_ID]/reports/[TASK_ID]/instances/
Get all the reports of the specified Network Returns results for the specified network. GET https://reporting.smartadserverapis.com/[NETWORK_ID]/reports
Get the last file generated by a report Returns the last file generated by a specified report GET https://reporting.smartadserverapis.com/[NETWORK_ID]/reports/[TASK_ID]/file
Get the report file Returns the file content of a generated report, if available. This is only available for files stored on the Big data storage (HDFS). FTP outputs will not be available through this link GET https://reporting.smartadserverapis.com/[NETWORK_ID]/reports/[TASK_ID]/instances/[TASK_INSTANCE_ID]/file
Operate on a scheduled task Operates on a specified schedule. Note: Operations on a killed schedule are prohibited.

Input Json: {"action" : "ACTION_NAME"} with ACTION_NAME being one of these: PAUSE, RESUME, KILL, LAUNCH_NOW.
PATCH https://reporting.smartadserverapis.com/[NETWORK_ID]/reports/[TASK_ID]
Relaunch a task instance Relaunches a specific instance of a report. The inputs will be identical. In particular, the begin and end dates will be the ones used for the previous instance.

Input JSON: {"action" : "LAUNCH_NOW"}
PATCH https://reporting.smartadserverapis.com/[NETWORK_ID]/reports/[TASK_ID]/instances/[TASK_INSTANCE_ID]/
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