10 - Insertions: Editing multiple insertions

You can bulk change multiple insertions in a campaign. This reduces operational times for traffickers and campaign managers.

Selecting the insertions

Multiple selection
  • Go to the campaign
  • Select the insertions to be edited
  • Click Edit

Editing the settings

Multiple edit

For the selected insertions, you can edit:

  • Insertion type (works like a label (category), which can be used in reports; has no influence on delivery)
  • Start/end date
  • Force stop (check this box if the insertions should be forced to stop at the end date)
  • Priority
  • Cost
  • Capping

When done, click Save.

After you save the insertions, make sure you Put online any modified insertion so the changes take effect on the AdServer delivery.

Reviewing settings

To review current settings of the selected insertions, click the expand button on the right.

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