2 - How to debug a deal

This article explains how to debug a programmatic deal in Smart RTB+.

Watch the video or follow Step 1 and Step 2 below.


Step 1: Checks on trading desk side

About 80% of issues in deals originate from trading desk settings.

Here is what should be checked:

What to check Description/Details
Deal Id Check if the deal Id is correct.
Fixed price Check if the fixed price is correct.
Bid floor Check the if the issue is bid floor related. Ask to propose a bid above the fixed price (e. g., for a deal price of 1$, ask the trading desk to propose a bid at 1.5$)
Creative size Check if the creative size is correct.
Ad Exchange Check if the Ad Exchange is correct. In some cases, trading desks need to select "Smart RTB+" or "Smartadserver".
Seat name and Seat id
Check if the seat name and seat id are correct.
Device targeting (desktop, tablet, mobile) Check if the device targeting is correct.
Platform targeting (web, mobile web, app) Check if platform targeting is correct.
Example: MRAID creatives, must be targetd to app inventory
Advertiser behind the campaign This allows Smart AdServer’s support team to check if the given advertiser is
- not categorized
- in a sensitive category (blocked)
- in a "block" delivery rule 
Secure inventory (http/https)
Check if the publisher uses http or https. For instance, a deal cannot deliver when a DSP needs https but receives http requests.
Hosting source of creative (for Google only)
Check if the hosting source of the creative is not 3rd party. This can lead to problems.

Ask the trading desk to send you a screenshot of the campaign showing all parameters. This avoids misunderstandings and speeds up the process when you interact with Smart AdServer's team.

Step 2: Checks on publisher side


Check the Forecast to see if there is enough inventory available for the deal.


Check if the placements of the given deal are selected in at least one RTB+ insertion.

  • go to Campaigns > Insertion follow-up
  • select Status "All"
  • select Delivery state "All"
  • switch to the Advanced filters tab
  • select the Format of the deal
  • select the Site(s)/Page(s)/Pack(s) of the deal
  • click Calculate
  • in the List of insertions, check if there is an RTB+ insertion included


Check if you are offering the correct creative size:

  • go to Administration > Formats > Edit Format and check its width and height
  • also, check the sizes in the field Acceptable sizes in your RTB+ insertion (more about Acceptable sizes here)

Auctions and bids report

Check if you are sending auctions for the given deal:

  • go to Reports > Creation of a report
  • select Type of report "RTB+"
  • select Format "Excel"
  • select Period "Yesterday"
  • under Elements, select the column Deal
  • switch to the Metrics tab
  • select the Metrics Auctions, RTB+ Impressions and RTB+ Bids
  • click Generate

If there are auctions but no bids, this means that bid requests are sent but the DSP does not answer. Get back to the trading desk.

If there are bids, proceed with the next steps.

Bid status report

bid status report

To get further details regarding the bids:

  • generate the same report as explained above (Auctions) - but
  • add the column Bid status
  • analyze the status of bids (win, timeout etc.)

If you cannnot find a resolution, get back to Smart AdServer's support team.

Make sure you provide all the details of your investigation in your request, including the screenshot of the deal's parameters from the trading desk.

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