5 - Delivery rules


With delivery rules you can:

  • block demand - e. g. block an RTB+ advertiser
  • specify floor prices
  • define transparency setting

You can apply delivery rules to:

  • Demand criteria (DSPs, Buyers etc.)
  • Inventory criteria (formats, countries, websites etc.)



Go to RTB+ > Delivery rules

Effects of delivery rules

Effects of delivery rules

A Delivery rule can have 3 types of effects, which will be applied to the criteria selected in the delivery rule:

  • Block - excludes/blacklists criteria
  • Floor price - overrides the general (network) floor price
  • Transparency - overrides the general (network) transparency settings (works only for inventory related criteria, such as formats, placements etc.)
    - Blind: buyers will see only one referrer: "rtbplus.smartadserver.com"
- Semitransparent: you can define a Custom domain (e. g. http://rtbplus.smartadserver.com) and a Custom site name (e. g. "Smart AdServer RTB+") to be communicated to buyers; Note: the examples mentioned are for illustration only; do not use them since these are the ones used when setting "Blind"
    - Transparent: buyers will see all the URLs of your inventory; this helps them to do precise targeting to your inventory



Optionally, you can connect a delivery rule with one or multiple RTB+ insertions. The effect and selected criteria will be applied to the connected insertion (with its placements, targeting criteria, RTB+ script templates, etc.).

Demand related criteria

Demand related criteria

You can apply the delivery rule's effect to DSPs, Buyers, RTB+ advertisers and RTB+ advertiser categories.

Inventory related criteria (Targeting)

Inventory related criteria (Targeting)

You can apply the delivery rule's effect to Formats, Creative sizes (see example below), Countries, Placements (websites/pages/packs) and Keywords

Example for Creative Size usage

  • assume a "medium rectangle" format where you have 2 RTB+ insertions: one for "regular" medium rectangles (300x250), the other for parallax ads (320x480)
  • you can create a delivery rule with a higher floor price and select the Format medium rectangle and the creative size 320x480; this way, you make sure that the delivery rule applies only to the parallax RTB+ insertion

Pre-call and post-call delivery rules

In this context, the "call" is the call to the connected partners (demand side), which initiates the auction process.

Some criteria can be fully determined prior to the call (pre-call criteria), while other criteria can be known only after the bid response of partners (post-call criteria).

The effects of delivery rules depend on the type of criteria (pre-call or post-call) specified in the delivery rule.

This table provides the details:

  • Placement (website/page)
  • Format
  • Country
  • DSP
  • Buyer
  • RTB+ advertiser
  • RTB+ advertiser category
Delivery rule definition
A delivery rule is a pre-call rule when all of its relevant criteria are pre-call criteria. It can be fully determined and applied before sending the bid request.
A delivery rule is a post-call rule when it has at least one post-call criterion (i. e. a criterion which depends on information contained in the partner's bid response).
Effects of "Block“ delivery rules
The delivery rule ends the request (call).

The delivery rule prevents the corresponding bid to win.
Effects of "Floor price“ delivery rules
The delivery rule may change the floor price transmitted and applied to partners; it overrides the default floor price. The delivery rule may change the floor price applied to the bid.
Effects of "Transparency“ delivery rules
The delivery rule changes the transparency. A transparency rule cannot be applied to post-call criteria.

Impact of deals

If a deal applies, the delivery rules behave as follows:

  • "Floor price" delivery rules are not applied
  • "Block" delivery rules with no pre-call criteria are not applied

Time to take effect

Note that new delivery rules take a maximum of one hour to take effect (after saving). The same time span applies to updates (modifications) of delivery rules.

Filtering and copying delivery rules

Use the filters All, Block, Transparent, Floor price to filter delivery rules by effect
Click the Copy icon to copy a delivery rule


Manage floor price delivery rules

For each target (advertiser), create a separate floor price rule. Even if the floor price is the same, create a separate rule for each advertiser. This way, you can clearly determine which floor prices work well and adjust the rule later.

For more about floor price optimization, check this article.

Naming delivery rules with a single target

Naming pattern

[rule type] - [target category] - [target name]
  • [rule type]: corresponds to the effect of the rule (Block, Floor price or Transparency)
  • [target category]: advertiser, DSP etc.
  • [target name]: an advertiser, a format etc.


  • A floor price of EUR 5 for the advertiser "Nike.com" => "Fp - Adv - Nike.com"
  • A floor price for the 300x250 format => "Fp - Format - 300x250"
  • A block rule for the DSP "Google DBM" => "Block - Dsp - Google DBM"

Naming delivery rules with multiple targets

Naming pattern

[rule type] - [target category]
  • [rule type]: corresponds to the effect of the rule: Block, Floor price or Transparency
  • [target category]: advertiser, DSP etc.

In delivery rules with multiple targets, do not write the names of all targets into the rule's name.


  • A block rule for multiple buyers => Blocklist - Buyers
  • A block rule for multiple DSPs => Blocklist - DSPs
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