DMP connection with Smart Data Hub


As a publisher, you can work with a DMP to collect audience data and to specify segments. These segments can be pushed to Smart AdServer using the DMP Integration API.

Once in Smart AdServer, you can target the segments with keyword targeting:

  • in direct campaigns (non-RTB insertions)
  • as part of your programmatic sales strategies (e. g. specific floor prices for specific DMP segments to boost eCPMs)
  • in private deals


For the Publisher

  • Increased revenue through improved audience identification, organization and reporting
  • More granular and automated audience classification
  • Fresh data, updated frequently
  • Fast segment transfer
  • Better synchronization rates

For the Advertiser

  • Improved campaign performance through DMP segments which capture user intent and behavior

Integrated DMPs

  • Weborama
  • Bluekai
  • Eleurian
  • Other integrations are planned


Smart AdServer charges an additional CPM when an insertion targets a DMP segment. Reach out to your account manager for more details.

Enabling data sharing

  • Reach out to your account manager to have data sharing between the DMP and Smart AdServer enabled.
  • Your account manager will provide you with a Segment Provider ID. Forward it to your DMP with the DMP Integration API documentation (Note: Your Segment Provider ID is not the same as your Network ID).

Segments in Keyword groups

Keyword groups

After the feature has been activated in your network, go to Administration > Keyword groups and search for the DMP's name.

Segment details

Weborama audience

The synchronized segments are inside the DMP Keyword group. Each segment is identified by key=value. The key is the ID of your DMP provider, and the value is the ID of your segment.

Setting up a direct (non-RTB) insertion

keyword group

In the insertion, go to the Targeting tab and select the Keywords/Keyword groups section

  • Choose your DMP from the dropdown list (1)
  • Check one or more of the segments you want to target (2)
  • Click Add button (3)
  • Save and Put online

Setting up a direct deal or private auction

RTB deal
  • Go to RTB+ > Deals > Create a new deal
  • Select Direct deal or Private auction
  • Enter the ID of your DMP in the key field and the ID of the segment in the value field
  • Click Save and activate
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