6b - RTB+ standalone passbacks (legacy mode)

This article describes the legacy mode of passback setup.

Use the new passback setup mode instead (recommended).

Create passback insertions

In standalone networks, for each RTB+ insertion you need a passback insertion. This insertion will be called in case the given impression cannot be monetized by Smart AdServer.

The most convenient way to create these is through copies of the existing RTB+ insertions.

Copy RTB+ campaign

Copy RTB+ campaign

(1) Click on the advertiser ("Smart RTB")
(2) Enable the radio button of the campaign
(3) Click Copy

Rename campaign and insertions

Rename campaign and insertions

(1) Rename the campaign "Passback RTB Standalone - [current year]"
(2) Rename the insertions "Passback [format]"; e. g. "Passback 160x600"
(3) Click Duplicate

Edit passback insertions

Edit passback insertions - Priority

Edit passback insertions - Priority

Edit each passback insertion

  • (1) go to the General settings tab
  • (2) change the priority from Exclusive without capping to Very low (complement) 1

Edit passback insertions - Script template

Edit passback insertions - Script template
  • Switch to the Creatives tab
  • Click Template library (1)
  • Select the script template Stand-alone Passback or Stand-alone Passback (mobile)

Passback mode: JS Script

Passback mode: JS Script

To pass unmonetized impressions back to a JS Script, proceed as follows:

  • Click Add an agency script (1)
  • Paste the js script into the field Customized script for the creative (2)
  • Click Add creative (2)

Make sure the pasted js script corresponds to the insertion's format. For instance, paste a 160x600 js script into the insertion with format 160x600.

Passback mode: Static URL

Passback mode: Static URL

To pass unmonetized impressions back to a static URL, paste the static URL into the field Passback URL. The URL must include http://



An error will be caused, if the static URL points to an .html file hosted externally. In this case, ignore the PassbackUrl field and use the Passback mode: JS Script instead (see above).
Integrate the Passback URL as an iframe.


<iframe src="http://www.the-url-for-your-file/or/passback" width="300"
 height="250" frameBorder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" 
hspace="0" vspace="0" allowTransparency="true" 

Passback mode: Dynamic

To pass unmonetized impressions back to a dynamic URL, you need to pass the dynamic URL in the ad tag which calls Smart AdServer (read more about the ad tags below).

The dynamic URL needs to be passed in the tgt parameter in the following format:



<script type="text/javascript" src="http://diff.smartadserver.com/ac?out=js&nwid=73&siteid=96523&pgname=example.com&fmtid=40090&tgt=passback=http://my-system.com?my-dynamic-values&visit=m&tmstp=[timestamp]&clcturl=[countgo]"></script>

Put passback insertion online

Put insertion online

Click Put online. The insertion will be active within a few seconds.

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