1 - Metrics definitions

Smart AdServer's Big Data Reports module offers many metrics and details about your programmatic campaigns, including:


  • Auctions: Calls which go through RTB+. Number of potential RTB+ Impressions. Direct Campaigns might take these impressions.
  • RTB+ Impressions: Number of Smart RTB+ won bids which delivered.
  • RTB+ Bids: Number of all the responses made by DSPs (not only won bids).
  • Direct Impressions: Number of auctions won by Direct Campaigns and not by Smart RTB+.
  • RTB+ unsold inventory fill rate:  RTB+ Impressions / (Auctions - Direct impressions)
  • Bid requests: All requests sent from Smart RTB+ to all the eligible DSPs when one auction is made.
  • Bid rate: RTB+ Bids / Bid requests.
  • Win rate: Impression / Bids.

Financial Data

  • Revenue: Gross revenue generated by Smart RTB+ (= Average Clearing CPM * Impressions / 1000).
  • Average Clearing CPM: Average price paid for delivered impressions (= Revenue / Impressions * 1000).
  • Average Offered CPM: Average price of RTB+ Bids (= Total Offered Price / RTB+ Bids *1000).
  • Average Winning CPM: Average price of winning RTB+ Bids (= Total Winning Price / Impressions * 1000).
  • Total Offered Price: Total Price of RTB+ Bids (= Average Offered CPM * RTB+ Bids / 1000).
  • Total Winning Offered Price:  Total price of winning RTB+ Bids (= Impressions * Average Winning CPM / 1000).
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