3 - Insertions

Video tutorial - how to set up RTB insertions

Create RTB+ insertion

You need to create one insertion per format.

  • Define the Name; use the format's name, e. g. 160x600 ①
  • Select insertion category ②
  • Leave the priority unchanged ③
  • Enable the option Activate "Holistic yield" mode ④ (More information on Holistic yield)
  • Click Save and go to next step ⑤

For RTB+ standalone, the following notes should be applied:

  • Select the priority Exclusive without capping ③
  • Leave the option Activate "Holistic yield" mode disabled ④

Edit placement

Edit placement
  • Select the format ; only one format is possible; copy the insertion if you need other formats (see below)
  • Select the websites, pages and packs, which includes all the websites
  • Add the selected pack
  • Click Save and go to next step



Click Template library

Select script template

Select script template

Search for the RTB+ script templates.

Description of script templates:

  • RTB+ Default Banner - for desktop ads (e. g. 160x600, 300x250 etc.) 
  • Smart RTB+ Mobile Banner - for banners in mobile web and in apps
  • Smart RTB+ Web Mobile Interstitial - for interstitials in mobile web
  • RTB+ Video - for video instream ads

Each script template has a field called Acceptable sizes - read more about this field below.

For a complete list of RTB+ templates, live demos and suggested sizes please check this document.

About the "Acceptable sizes" field

By default, RTB+ uses the width and height defined on format level (e. g. 300x250). To accept additional sizes for the same ad slot, define them in the Acceptable sizes field

  • Enter the sizes as follows: width*height (in pixels); Example: 300*250
  • separate multiple sizes by a comma
  • Do not use spaces

How the field works

  • If you define one size, the size defined on format level will be overridden (replaced)
  • If you enter multiple sizes, a multi-impression bid request is sent to the DSPs; the highest bid will win the auction, no matter which size it is
  • To accept the format's size and additional sizes, enter the format's size, followed by the additional sizes

Note: The sizes in multi-impression bid requests are sent in the order declared in the field Acceptable sizes.
However, some DSPs may not support multi-impression bid requests: they will use the first size only and ignore the other sizes.

Put insertion online

Put insertion online

Click Put online. The insertion will be active within a few seconds.

Copy RTB+ insertions

Copy RTB+ insertions

You need one insertion per format.

To copy your existing insertion:

  • Click on the campaign's name
  • Select the insertion to be copied
  • Click Copy ③

Finalize copies

In the copied insertion

  • change the name (e. g. to 300x250 or 728x90)
  • select the appropriate format on the Placement tab (e. g. 300x250 or 728x90)

The result may look as follows:

Finalize copies
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