09 - Insertions: group volumes

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You can apply a group volume to multiple insertions in a campaign. For instance, you may want to assign a shared volume to 3 insertions (leaderboard, skyscraper, medium rectangle). These insertions will stop, as soon as their shared volume is delivered.

Select insertions

Select insertions
  • go to the Campaign level (1)
  • check the insertions for which you intend to define a group volume (2)
  • click Define a grouped volume (3)

Define group volume

Define group volume
  • define the Volume(s) (1)
  • click Save and go back to the campaign (2)

Rules and caveats

With group volumes is not distributed evenly across the insertions in the group. Each insertion has its own parameters (placement, available volume, other competing insertions etc.). For instance, when you group 2 insertions (skyscraper, medium rectangle) with a group volume of 1 million impressions, you may end up with an unequal share: e. g. 600,000 impressions for the skyscraper and 400,000 impressions for the medium rectangle.

You can combine group volumes with volumes on insertion level. The volumes on insertion level will be considered minimum volumes: the system will try to deliver the impressions on insertion level - however without any guarantee

When combining grouped impressions and grouped clicks, all the insertions of the group will stop, when both volumes are reached.

When combining Maximum delivery per day and Maximum number of clicks per day, the insertion will go into off mode as soon as one of the volumes is reached. It will resume delivery the following day.

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