06 - Insertions: Placement

Selecting sites and pages

Selecting sites and pages

On the Placement tab, you select the sites and pages. For each selected site and page, you will receive an ad tag which calls the given insertion and returns its creative.

Select the appropriate sites (1) and click Save. This renders one ad tag for each page on the selected sites (typically, the "*General*" page of each site).

In case of multiple pages on a site (*General* page and other pages), select the appropriate Site from the dropdown menu (2). Then, select the appropriate pages.

Sending ad tags in insertions

Sending ad tags in insertions

Before you download ad tags, click Put online to activate the insertion.

Scroll down to the Tags for sites (2) section.

Select the Tag format (3)

  • Rich - ad tags in Javascript format
  • Non-Rich - ad tags in HTML format (img src, href)
  • iFrame - to add the ad tag in iFrame format, first edit the Website (go to Administration > Sites & Pages) and enable the option Send IFrame advertiser tags for Rich media (more details here)

Optionally, add Comments (4); these will be sent to all websites

Click Send ad tags to the selected sites (5); this only works, if you have defined an e-mail recipient for the website (read here to locate the menu)

Click Download Tags (6) to download the ad tags (text file)

Sending ad tags for multiple insertions

Sending ad tags for multiple insertions

To send ad tags for multiple insertions, go to the campaign level and click on the send tags icon (see red arrow in the screenshot above).

Select the appropriate ad tags for the insertion and proceed as you would when Sending ad tags in insertions (see previous chapter).

Enable the option Allow sites to access campaign's details to grant access to detail pages (2) where they see status information and can retrieve the ad tags.

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