03 - Campaigns

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Campaign management is organized in a three-level structure:

  • Advertiser: represents the brand whose ads are served
  • Campaign: represents an advertised product; a campaign consists of one or multiple insertions
  • Insertion: includes one or multiple creatives (same size), you will receive one ad tag per insertion and website/page

Advertiser list

Click on Campaigns (1) to get a list of existing advertisers.

  • The list is pre-filtered for Active (3) advertisers. Active advertisers are advertisers with insertions delivering currently or later.
  • Click Delivered (4) for advertisers delivering at the moment
  • Click All (2) to display all advertisers regardless of activity/delivery
Advertiser list

Creating a campaign

Creating a campaign
  • Click on the appropriate advertiser from the list and click Create a new campaign
  • Define a Name (1)
  • Define Start Date (2) and End Date (3)
  • Enable This Campaign contains keywords (4) if you wish to import keywords to generate lists of click commands; used in search engine campaigns: each click on a searched keyword will be tracked/reported in Smart AdServer
  • Enable Follow-up on post-view and post-click activity (5) to track conversions resulting from this campaign (conversion tracking is explained here)
  • Click Save and create an insertion (6)
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