Smart Video-Read for Mobile

Key features

Key features

The script template Smart Video-Read for Mobile is part of Smart AdServer's video outstream offer. This script template:

  • automatically identifies the best position to display the ad within the mobile website's content
  • is inserted when the user scrolls the page
  • autoplays as soon as 75% of the ad's surface are visible and pushes down the content beneath
  • disappears when video ends
  • pauses/resumes when less/more than 50% of the ad's surface is visible
  • supports VAST redirects (wrappers with full VAST reporting)

Check the Demo here.


  • Supported video files: .mp4, .webm, .ogg
    add at least 2 file formats as some devices do not support all video formats
    add the files in the following order: .mp4, .webm, .ogg
    The script template will choose the best video file automatically.
  • Supported OS and browsers: iOS Safari (v 8.0 or higher); Android Chrome (v 4.4 or higher)
  • Available Metrics: read this article
  • Compatible with any VAST redirect (wrapper) that contains the following video formats: mp4, ogg, webm
    for VAST redirects, select "agency script" as creative type and paste the VAST wrapper URL into the field Customized script for the creative (read here for more about this field).
    Warning: VAST redirects (wrappers) and all subsequent wrappers muste be CORS compliant. CORS compliance is part of the IAB standard.
  • Format is billed only when the user sees the first frame of the format
  • Format is not compliant with rotation modes
  • Format is compliant with iframe buster and friendly iframe
  • Format is not VPAID compatible

Known issues

  • on iOS devices, video is not clickable in fullscreen mode
  • on iPad devices, video is not auto-muted when playback starts

Script template parameters

Position related parameters

Name Description Default
Paragraph's identifier(s) Specifies one or more identifiers of elements which contain article text. Separate them by semicolon if needed. Smart AdServer will try to find paragraphs inside this element. -
Type of element identifier Specifies type of element identifier. id
Paragraph type Specifies type of paragraph (p, div, ...) which contains article text. Value is only taken into account if "Position in paragraph" is "automatic". p
Position in paragraph Specifies position of the ad in the paragraph. In case of "automatic", the ad will be displayed at the best location. Ad will be shown while the user reads the article. "Top"/"bottom" places the ad at the top/bottom of the specified paragraph. automatic

Player related parameters

Name Description Default
Max width (px or %) Specifies max. width of video. Do not forget the unit (e.g. 320px or 90%)! There is no height parameter (is calculated by the script template). 100%
Frame rate Specifies video's frame rate. This option will be used on iOS devices. In case of delays between video and audio on iOS, adjust the framerate. 25
Autoplay Specifies if video will be played immediately after it is displayed. true
Expand at the beginning Specifies if video will expand at the start of playback. true
Collapse at the end Specifies if video will collapse at the end of playback. true
Tracking url This URL will be fired when player starts playback. Add the macro [timestamp] to avoid cache busting. -

Button related parameters

Name Description Default
Button color Specifies button color. #cccccc
Volume button Shows/hides volume button. true
Close button Shows/hides close button. true
Fullscreen button Shows/hides fullscreen button. false
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