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For a quick start, the most important menus in the Administration are: Users, User groups, Advertisers, Agencies and Inventory-related menus (Sites & Pages, Websites and page packs and Formats)


Users and user groups

By default, your network uses the user group "Admin". New users are placed into this group, from which they will inherit the settings.

Additionally, each website and each advertiser is part of a user group. This way, multiple users can get access to specific websites and specific advertisers. If this scenario is relevant for your organization, we recommend that you create user groups first and then place every new website and every new advertiser into the appropriate user group.



Typically, advertisers represent the brand, whose ads (creatives) are served.

You can create an advertiser as a Direct advertiser (1) or associate it to an Agency (2). You can also create the advertiser as a direct advertiser and associate it to an agency. This is useful when you have a business relationship to the advertiser and through an agency (for some campaigns).

Excluded sites and pages (3) means that the sites you add here will be hidden when creating a campaign for this advertiser! Simply ignore the Excluded sites and pages section, unless you really wish to exclude (blacklist) sites and pages.


You can upload a list of domains (csv file with the domains, separated by comma, semicolon or new line; domains must be in format www.domain.com or subdomain.domain.com).

Insertions of the given advertiser will never be displayed on these blacklisted domains.


Domain blacklisting is also available on insertion level (read here for more details).

Additionally, you can whitelist domains on insertion level.

If the same domain is blacklisted on advertiser level and whitelisted on insertion level, the domain will be considered blacklisted (the advertiser level has priority).

The domains where the ad tags are implemented must match exactly with the domains uploaded in the csv file: there is no wildcard system).

Domain blacklisting requires activation. Get back to your service contact to have it enabled on advertiser and insertion level.


Agencies are associated to advertisers. Creating agencies is optional. Their main purpose is for reporting.



Inventory creation consists of:

  • Formats - ad slot sizes
  • Websites, pages - the actual (responsive) websites with their individual pages
  • Packs - optional; these are basically "folders" including websites/pages

Each ad slot (placement) is identified by a format ID, website ID and page ID.

The creation of inventory is discussed in detail in the Setting up inventory guide available here.

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