Insertion priorities

The priority of an insertion plays a key role for selection and delivery of insertions. This article discusses their functions and the resulting delivery behavior.


An ad call carries 3 ids to specify, from which placement it originates: Website ID, Page ID, Format ID. Additionally, an ad call carries criteria to be used for targeting ( e. g. keywords, the IP address for geo-targeting etc.)

When the ad call arrives, Smart AdServer will behave as follows:

  • identify all the insertions which could be delivered for the given criteria in the ad call (Website ID, Page ID, Format ID and targeting criteria)
  • remove the insertions with non-matching targeting criteria from the list (e. g.: an insertion with geo-targeting to "France" cannot be delivered when the ad call originates from an IP address located in Spain)
  • select the most appropriate insertion from the remaining insertions in the list based on its priority and delay

Priority settings

You need to set the priority of an insertion on the General Settings tab. Any insertion must have a priority (mandatory setting).

Priority settings

Exclusive and Non-guaranteed priorities

The Exclusive priorities are designed for cases, where a placement is sold exclusively to a given advertiser. Non-guaranteed priorties are used for unsold inventory (e. g. in-house ads) or any other backup (fallback) scenario.

Delivery behavior

Both Exclusive and Non-guaranteed priorities share an "always deliver" behavior, where continued delivery is wanted. These priorities work without pacing. There is no even distribution of a volume over the insertion's timeframe.

We strongly recommend to have at least one Non-guaranteed insertion, ideally on the Very low (complement) without capping level. If there is none, a pixel (transparent 1x1 gif) will be displayed in case there is no active insertion (from one of the higher priority levels).


Note 1
The levels within Exclusive and Non-guaranteed are completely separate: if you have an Exclusive 2 insertion and an Exclusive 3 insertion, the Exclusive 3 insertion will never be displayed; the Exclusive 2 insertion will receive all the impressions.

Note 2
The priorities Exclusive without capping and Very low (complement without capping) work like the other priorities, but do not support capping criteria.

Weight and maximum volumes

Weight and maximum volumes


You can assign a weight (1) to Exclusive or Non-guaranteed insertions of the same level. This allows you to distribute the volume over multiple insertions.

Assume you have insertions A and B; both on priority level Exclusive 2. You could define the weight "1" in insertion A and the weight "2" in insertion B. As a result, insertion B will displayed twice as often as insertion A.


Maximum volumes (for Exclusive only)

  • Maximum impressions (2) and Maximum clicks (3): Limits delivery to the defined volume; the insertion stops delivery when the volume is reached;
    Keep in mind: these maximum volumes do not lead to paced delivery (even distribution); the insertion may stop before its end date in case the defined volume is reached before.
  • Maximum impressions per day (4) and Maximum clicks per day (5): Limits delivery to the defined volume for each day; each day, the insertion stops when the specified volume for the day is reached; it resumes delivery at 00:00 of the following day

High 1 to Low 4

The priority levels High 1 to Low 4 are designed for insertions where a specific volume (impressions, clicks etc.) needs to be delivered.

Delivery behavior

Delivery behavior

Here are the types of volumes you can assign to the insertion:

(1) Impressions
(2) Events; e. g. viewcount or video completed views
(3) Clicks
(4) Conversions; this field wil appear if an active Tracker is defined for the insertion's advertiser and if the option "Follow-up on post-view and post-click activity through trackers implemented on advertiser sites" is enabled for the insertions's campaign
(5) Maximum impressions per day and Maximum clicks per day (6): Limits delivery to the defined volume for each day; each day, the insertion stops when the specified volume for the day is reached; it resumes delivery at 00:00 of the following day

These volumes will be delivered with pacing: they will be distributed evenly over the insertion's timeframe. Delivery will be paused for short periods in order to make sure that the volume is not delivered too early.

The priority groups High, Normal and Low are completely separate. Normal insertion will never be delivered before High insertions; Low insertions will be delivered before Normal or High insertions. The exception is when an insertion from a higher priority group (e. g. High) needs to pause due to pacing. In this case, an insertion from a lower group (e. g. Normal) may be displayed.

Insertions within the same group are not separate: if a lower insertion (e. g. Normal 4) is very late, it may be displayed before a higher insertion (e. g. Normal 2). This "within the same priority group" prioritization is fully automatic - no manual adjustments needed.

Share of voice

The Share of voice (3) is a percentage you can assign instead of volumes. When you put the insertion online, the system will look at the traffic of the past 3 weeks. Based on this, it will calculate an impression volume and apply the defined percentage defined in the Share of voice field.

Do not use the Share of Voice option if the placement did not have regular traffic over the past 3 weeks.

Stop insertion at end date

Stop insertion at end date

If an insertion from the priority levels High 1 to Low 4 does not reach its volume, you can

  • make it stop at the defined end date; or
  • make it deliver until its volume is reached (beyond its end date)

Use the setting Stop insertion at end date, even if all impressions are not delivered accordingly. By default, this option is enabled.

Note: If you disable this option, the insertion may deliver beyond its end date. This may result in conflict with other insertion. These may underdeliver since this insertion delivers beyond its end date.

Combination of volumes

You can use a combination of volumes in a single insertion. The following rules apply:

  • maximum volumes will be delivered on an OR basis;
    example: a max. impression volume and a max. click volume in an "Exclusive 2" insertion; this insertion will stop as soon as the impression volume OR the click volume is reached
  • paced (controlled) volumes (impressions, clicks; for details see above: "High 1 to Low 4") or minimum volumes (min. impressions) are delivered on an AND basis;
    example: an impression volume and a click volume in a "Normal 3" insertion; this insertion will deliver until both volumes (targets) are reached


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