07 - Insertions: additional options



This allows you to import lists of keywords to generate a click command for each keyword. It is used in search engine campaigns: each click on a searched keyword will be tracked/reported in Smart AdServer; see next chapter: Keywords in insertions (Agency solution)

You can enter cost data for the insertion for reporting purposes: gross CPM/CPC/CPL/flat fee and discounts for campaign/insertion. Use Calculate data after discount to calculate net prices.

Final script
This menu allows you to unlock and edit the insertion's code, which is delivered to end users' browsers. Final script editing is only necessary in rare cases.
Keep in mind: After unlocking, any changes you may make on the Creatives tab will be without effect. Use with caution: Changes to the code may lead to delivery problems!

Displays the history of all modifications in the insertion.

Insertion follow-up
Shortcut to Campaigns > Insertion follow-up, where the insertion's placement criteria (format, websites etc.) will be preselected. Useful to see competing insertions

Displays a simplified report (impressions, clicks). Useful to check if delivery works as expected.

Shortcut to Reports, where the insertion (with its advertiser and campaign) will be preselected.

Keywords in insertions (Agency solution)

Keywords in insertions (Agency solution)

Keywords in insertions (Agency solution) is a bulk upload feature for keywords and their landingpages.

For each keyword, you will receive a click tracking URL (click command). You can import these click commands into SEM bid management tools. Each time, a user who searched for a keyword and clicked on it, the click command is triggered. This redirects the user to the landing page and makes Smart AdServer track this click.

  • Click Add keywords
  • Paste keywords and their landing pages into the text field (1); paste one keyword/landing page per line; use a tabulator to separate keywords from their landing pages - or -
  • Bulk upload a text file (2) with all keywords and their landing pages; one keyword/landing page per line; use a tabulator to separate keywords from their landing pages
  • Save the insertion and retrieve the click commands (3) - or -
  • Click Download keywords to download the full list (text file)
  • Make changes in the downloaded text file (e. g. change a landing page) and reupload the file; when reuploading the changed file, make sure you enable the Amendments file option (4)

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