08 - Insertions: additional options

Available options

Available options

You can enter cost data for the insertion for reporting purposes: gross CPM/CPC/CPL/flat fee; discount for campaign/insertion. Use Calculate data after discount to calculate net prices.

Final script
This menu allows you to unlock and edit the insertion's code, which is delivered to end users' browsers. Final script editing is only necessary in rare cases.
Keep in mind: After unlocking, any changes you may make on the Creatives tab will be without effect. Use with caution: Changes to the code may lead to delivery problems!

Displays the history of all modifications in the insertion.

Insertion follow-up
Shortcut to Campaigns > Insertion follow-up, where the insertion's placement criteria (format, websites etc.) will be preselected. Useful to see competing insertions

Displays a simplified report (impressions, clicks). Useful to check if delivery works as expected.

Inventory availability
Shortcut to the forecast, where the insertion's criteria (timeframe, placement, targeting etc.) will be preselected. Read more about the forecast here.

Shortcut to Reports, where the insertion (with its advertiser and campaign) will be preselected.

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