06 - Insertions: Creatives

Default Banner and Template Library

Default Banner and Template Library

On the Creatives you upload, configure and test creatives. Creatives always have to be configured with a script template. The default script template is Default Banner (1). It supports:

  • creatives in formats: flash, HTML5, agency redirect, image
  • delivery on desktop websites, mobile websites and responsive websites
  • synchronous and asynchronous tagging

If you intend to add additional visual effects to a creative (interstitial, wallpaper, fireplace etc.), you need to select one of the script templates offered in the Template library (2).

Creative upload and preview

Read the article Configuring creatives (available here), which explains:

  • how to upload creatives
  • how to manage the creative types (HTML5, gif, flash etc.)
  • how to preview creatives for testing purposes

Putting the insertion online

When done with the configuration:

  • Click Put online - the insertion will start delivery at the defined start date/time
  • Click Save and go to next step - switches to the Targeting tab (optional)
  • Click Save to save the insertions
Putting the insertion online
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