Creative Rotation modes

You can apply creative rotation modes to the creatives in your insertion. With these modes, you can specify how the creatives are displayed. For instance, you can make the creatives displayed in sequence or use specific targeting criteria for specific creatives.

How to set creative rotation modes

As a general rule, you need at least 2 creatives in the insertion. If you have only one creative, the creative rotation modes will not appear.

The creative rotation modes appear underneath the list of creatives in the insertion.

Keep in mind: Some script templates may not support creative rotation modes.

How to set creative rotation modes

Time frames for creatives

You can assign timeframes for creatives to make sure that they are displayed only in the specified timeframe. For instance, you can define that creative A is displayed during the first week and creative B during the second week.

  • For Creative rotation mode by: select Time frame
  • Edit each creative and define the Start date and End date
  • timeframes can overlap
  • timeframes must not be outside of the insertion's timeframe (before/after the insertion's start/end date)
Time frames for creatives

Creative delivery in sequence

With Creative delivery in sequence, each user will receive the creatives in the order the creatives are listed in the insertion. When a user has received all the creatives (sequence finished), the last creative in the list will be the only creative displayed for this user.

  • for Creative rotation mode by, select Sequence
  • if needed, change the order of the uploaded creatives using the blue arrow buttons
Creative delivery in sequence

Targeting creatives to platforms

In an insertion, you can upload creatives for different platforms (Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone). For each creative, you can specify, on which platform it will be displayed.


  • in the platform settings of the format, you need at least 2 defined sizes (read here for more)
  • the website (which calls your insertion) has to use Smart AdServer's "Generic call" ad tags (read here for more). Legacy ad tags are not supported!

How to set up:

  • upload the creatives for each platform (e. g. a png files (320x50) for Smartphones and a flash creative (728x90) for Desktop browsers)
  • for Creative rotation mode by select Platform
  • the platform should be assigned automatically to each creatives (if flash or image creative), depending on the creative size
  • if the automatic assignment of platforms does not work, edit each creative and define the appropriate platform(s)
Targeting creatives to platforms

Geo-targeting for creatives

With Geo-targeting for creatives, you can specify that a creative is displayed only to users located in specific countries/states/cities etc.

  • for Creative rotation mode by, select Geotargeting
  • edit each creative and click Select next to Geotargeting
  • in the opening window, select the countries/states/cities etc. and click Confirm
Geo-targeting for creatives

Assigning weights to creatives

By default, each creative within an insertion has the same weight. For instance, when you have 4 creatives in your insertion and you plan to deliver 1 million impressions, each creative will be displayed approx. 250,000 times. While this is the default behavior, you can also assign specific weights to the creatives.

  • for Creative rotation mode by, select % of delivery
  • edit each creative and define the percentage for each creative
  • Keep in mind: the total of all the percentages must not exceed 100%
Assigning weights to creatives

Targeting creatives to keywords

Targeting creatives to keywords is covered in a separate article. Read here to learn more.

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