Creative optimization


Creative optimization applies to the creatives within an insertion. By default, creatives in an insertion all have the same weight (share of voice): for instance, when there are 3 creatives in an insertion, by default, each creative will get 33% of the insertion's total impression volume.

With creative optimization, you use an algorithm, which adjusts the weight of each creative depending on its performance.

There are 3 key performance indicators (KPIs), by which you can optimize the creatives:

  • click rate
  • post-click rate
  • Total conversions (post-impression rate)

Accessing the optimization options

Accessing the optimization options
  • Go to your insertion and switch to the Creatives tab
  • Upload a minimum of 2 creatives (1)
  • From the Dropdown menu, select Optimization (2) => this will auto-enable the checkbox Optimization (3)
  • Click Edit options (4)

Configuring the optimization

Configuring the optimization

(1) Mode

Select the KPI to be used for the optimization

  • Click rate: uses the ratio of clicks to impressions
  • Post-click rate: uses the ratio of post-click conversions to impressions. For this mode, you need to select the tracker (conversion tracking code).
  • Total conversion: uses the ratio of post-impression conversions to impressions. For this mode, you need to select the tracker (conversion tracking code).

(2) Optimization level

Defines how "aggressive" the optimization will do its work. Select one of the three levels Low, Medium and High. These levels define how closely a creative will be boosted to a weight of 100%. As a general rule, the level High should only be used in case of insertions with large impression volumes.

(3) Minimum weight

Defines the minimum weight (share of voice) for a creative. Even if a creative is a bad performer, it will always keep this minimum weight.

(4) Maximum weight

Defines the maximum weight (share of voice) for a creative. Even if a creative is a very good performer, its weight will not go beyond this maximum weight.

(5) Edit optimization for the advertiser

Switches to the advertiser's detail page, where you can configure the optimization level. This will then be used as default setting for new insertions created under this advertiser. Warning: Do not use this option. There is a bug which will be fixed soon. Instead, define your optimization settings for each insertion individually.

Understanding the optimizer algorithm

Here are some facts about the algorithm used for creative optimization:

  1. The algorithm starts its work the day after you have put the insertion online.
  2. Each day, the algorithm checks the KPIs for each insertion of the previous day. To work, it needs a minimum of 200 impressions. Insertions with less than 200 impressions are considered a test and are not optimized.
  3. If the algorithm detects that there are no tracked conversions, it will switch to Click rate mode automatically and adjust the creatives' weight by click rate.
  4. After 4 days, the optimizer keeps only half of the creatives within in the pool (insertion), keeping a minimum of 4 creatives.
  5. If you add a new creative, the algorithm will give it an average weight. After 4 days, it will decide if the new creative will be kept or removed (depending on its performance).


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