iOS Display SDK 6.1

You can download this SDK here.

App Transport Security

In iOS 9, Apple's new feature App Transport Security requires applications to make network connections only over an SSL connection (https, TLS v1.2).
However, the ad serving / ad technology market is not prepared for this major change: many agencies (whose redirect tags are delivered through Smart AdServer) are not SSL ready. Smart AdServer is currently working on App Transport Security support, which is scheduled to be released in Q4, 2015.

In the meantime, you should enable http as explained here (see chapter: "4. Enable HTTP support").


The iOS Display SDK v 6.1 now supports Apple's Bitcode technology. Bitcode is part of Apple's App thinning features. These features let you create apps that use the most device features, occupy minimum disk space, and accommodate future updates that can be applied by Apple.
Using Bitcode in the Smart AdServer SDK is optional. To use Bitcode, you have to use our iOS Display SDK v6.1.
Also, there is no need to update your apps to be compatible with iOS 9. The apps will keep running under iOS 9.


Apple has announced that iOS 9 will support IPv6-only network services. This has no impact on Smart AdServer's Display iOS SDK. There is nothing special to be done. 

Further reading

For technical documentation, check these resources (these have been updated to include iOS Display SDK 6.1 features):

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