Uploading and configuring HTML5 creatives (Publisher solution)

This guide is for campaign managers, who upload, configure and test HTML5 creatives using Smart AdServer's Publisher solution.

Before you start

Prior to uploading an HTML5 creative, make sure your creative complies with the specifications. Also, check Smart AdServer's solution for click counting in HTML creatives which is explained here.
You may also find valuable information in the article HTML5 creatives best practices.  

Select script template

Select script template

Go to the Creatives Tab (1) of your insertion and use the Default Banner template or select a script template from the Templates library (2). The script templates which support Smart AdServer's click counting method are labeled with HTML5 (3).

Add creative

Add creative
  • click Add a creative (1)
  • select HTML5 (2)
  • click Choose a file (3) and upload the ZIP file.
  • for Forced values, enter the width and the height of the HTML5 creative (4).

Note 1: For the HTML5 creative's body, make sure the style "margin:0" is used. Else, you risk that the creative is cut off when delivered.

Note 2: Do not copy the HTML5 creative code into the fields Customized script for the insertion or Customized script for the creative! They are not suitable for HTML5 creative code, which often has non-optimized code with many lines (especially the ones converted from Flash). Instead, create a text file on your hard drive and paste the HTML5 code there. Save the file and name it "index.html". Zip the index.html file with all the assets and upload it.

Note 3: If the HTML5 creative is served in a secure context, the HTML5 creative must load libraries (javascript file, css file, etc.) and any other resources with https. Check all the URLs inside the HTML5 creative and make sure that libraries and resources are called with https. Otherwise, browsers will issue a security warning and ad delivery will fail.

Overriding the clickthrough URL

If your creative complies with Smart AdServer's new click counting solution (see here), you can override the HTML5 creative's clickthrough URLs. This adds flexibility to the process. Simply edit the HTML5 creative and enter the new clickthrough URL in the field Click URL (5). As a result, the HTML5 creative's clickthrough URL will be replaced by the new URL you defined in the field Click URL.

Warning: At this time, if the HTML5 creative uses multiple clickTags (clickTag0, clickTag1, clickTag2 etc.), the new URL will be used for all of the clickTags. This will be changed in a future release, after which you will be able to define new URLs for each clickTAG individually.

Support for HTML5 creatives

SmartAdServer is not responsible for troubleshooting specific issues with HTML5 creatives. Support teams cannot provide assistance with the appearance, functionality, troubleshooting, debugging, or reporting on discrepancies for any custom implementations. Support is limited to confirming that your custom creative code is serving properly to your page.

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