HTML5 creative specifications

In this article:

  • how HTML5 creatives are structured
  • how HTML5 creatives have to be zipped to work in Smart AdServer
  • which file formats can be used in HTML5 creatives
  • how the pricing works

Inside the HTML5 creative

Here is a list of items you will find in most HTML5 creatives.

  • a main html file, typically named "index.html"
  • the assets: image files (e. g. png), video files (e. g. mp4) etc.
  • a css file
  • a javascript file

Keep in mind: If the HTML5 creative is served in a secure context, the HTML5 creative must load libraries (javascript file, css file, etc.) and any other resources with https. Check all the URLs inside the HTML5 creative and make sure that libraries and resources are called with https. Otherwise, browsers will issue a security warning and ad delivery will fail.

HTML5 ZIP file

Before you upload an HTML5 creative in Smart AdServer's user interface, please bundle it into a ZIP file following these rules:

  • Name the main html file "index.html" (without the quote characters)
  • Place the index.html file into the root of the ZIP file (do not place it in a sub-folder)
  • Place the assets into sub-folders or into the root of the ZIP file; if you choose sub-folders, do not compress them
  • Only use assets used by the HTML5 creative (do not use "orphan" assets)
  • Keep the ZIP file as light as possible (read about best practices here).

File formats supported in Smart AdServer

File format File name extension
HTML, CSS, Javascript html, css, js
Image jpg, jpeg, png, gif
Flash swf, flv
Video/Audio/Playlist mp4, m4v, wmv, m4a, avi, webm, 3gp, ogg, mp3, aac, ogv, m3u8
Other txt, zip, xml

For HTML5 video assets, the most common formats are H.264/MP4 and VP8/WebM. At a minimum, HTML5 video should be transcoded into these two formats. For more information about video formats, read the IAB's recommendation (page 15).

Maximum file size and pricing

For the maximum file size of the compressed ZIP file (including index.html, css, js, assets), there are two types of limits:

  • the maximum size the user interface allows you to upload; the limit is 30 MB for all Smart AdServer customers; when you try to upload a heavier ZIP file in an insertion, the user interface will reject the file
  • the maximum size of the uploaded ZIP-file without additional "heavy creative" pricing: please check in your contract with Smart AdServer to see the maximum size and the additional charges for heavier creatives
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