Forecast versions compared

Smart AdServer offers two versions of the new forecast. The free version is active for all customers. The premium version is priced separately. Please reach out to your Sales contact or Technical Account Manager to have it enabled.

Here is an overview comparing the free and the premium version:


Feature Feature details Free
Premium version
Time range This is the time range you can "look into the future" when you query the forecast today. 6 months 6 months
Targeting types This is the amount of different targeting types you can combine in a forecast query. Forecasts of multiple criteria of the same targeting type count as one targeting type.
For key value pairs, all the criteria for the same key count as one targeting type.
- key value pair: "key1=value1 OR key2=value2" => 2 targeting types (different keys)
- geo targeting: "Paris AND Chrome" => 2 targeting types (Geo and OS)

Capping criteria are *not* counted as targeting types. It includes the feature "Only users who accept cookies".
one targeting type unlimited
Custom rules for criteria inclusion This feature allows you to define custom rules for the criteria available in forecast queries. unavailable available, speak to your Technical Account Manager
Web API This is the amount of API queries you can do per day Max. 100 queries per day unlimited
csv extracts Smart AdServer can provide you with csv extracts with forecast data for further processing in external tools. unavailable can be provided daily; multiple extracts possible
Updates during the day These are computations of the occupied volume when a change is made to an existing insertion. unavailable, computations are made once over night any change to any insertion triggers an update; update is visible after approx. 5 minutes*
Forecast injection This feature allows you to replace the traffic history by manual values. The forecast will then calculate based on these manual data. available available

* About updates during the day in premium version

When you update an insertion today, the immediate recalculation (during the day) only takes the next 30 days into account.You must wait until the next day (after full midnight computation) to see the updated insertion's impact on the full forecast period (next 6 months, instead of next 30 days).

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