User interface revamp

Smart AdServer is revamping the user interface (aka "manage") to make it more intuitive and improve workflow efficency. The revamping is a longer process with multiple iterations.

This article describes the first major iteration: a completely new top navigation bar and other changes/improvements.

New menu

The menu at the top has been completely redesigned:

  • items in the menus are now rearranged by popularity (frequency of usage)
  • items in the menus are also grouped by topic (related items are shown together)
  • new icons enhance the navigation experience
  • new font, new colors etc. have been introduced; these will be adopted for the entire user interface in future iterations

Reports menu rearranged

In the Reports menu, the Report list item and the Create a report item have been moved to the top.

Big Data Report for RTB+ moved

The Big Data Report for RTB+ has been moved from the RTB+ menu to the Reports menu in order to unite all the reporting tools under a single menu.

ABC list removed

In the menu, the "ABC" lists (to search by first letter) have been removed. This is the first step towards the new navigation approach planned for future iterations.

ABC lists are still available on the actual pages (e. g. on the page Campaigns > Advertisers).

Top right menu redesigned

The menu on the top right of the screen is completely redesigned:

  • the magnifier icon opens up a search field
  • the "i" icon links to the Help Center
  • the bubble icon opens a form to contact the support team
  • the flag icon opens a drop-down list to adjust the user interface language

Data injection moved to Forecast

The menu Data injection in the inventory availability is now accessible in the Forecast menu.

Read more about data injection here.

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