Forecast preview in insertions

The forecast preview shows you forecast data while you are editing an insertion (without the need to navigate to the forecast UI).

For a general and comprehensive understanding of the forecast and its data, read the Using the Forecast guide.


The forecast preview consists of:

  • the Forecast status (quick view; always visible)
  • the Forecast details (details; displayed on mouse over the forecast status, with expandable tooltips)

Forecast status

This table explains each status:

Insertion type
Forecast OK
  • delivery is as expected
  • the insertion is estimated to reach 100% of its booked volume
  • corresponds to the green thumb in the insertion follow up
Forecast Overbooking
  • the insertion will not deliver 100% of its booked volume
  • corresponds to both orange and red thumb in the insertion follow up
  • this status is a call-to action: the details tooltips are expanded immediately, when opening the insertion page
  • non-controlled insertions have no booked volume (no delivery target)
  • thus, the forecast only computes availabilities 
  • details are displayed on mouse over the question mark
Forecast not available
  • forecast is unable to compute and display data

* Controlled insertions have a booked volume (impressions etc.) delivered over the timeframe; see also chapter "High 1 to Low 4" here

** Non-Controlled insertions have no booked volume (no delivery target); delivery is continous (no pacing); see also chapter "Exclusive and Non-guaranteed priorities" here

Forecast details

The tooltip displays the forecast details with the actual numbers.

Controlled insertions

Entire bar: the insertion's entire booked volume; all the displayed percentage value refer to this booked volume (100%)

② Blue part: the volume already delivered

③ Blue dotted part: the volume which will be delivered at the end of the insertion lifetime

④ Grey part: the volume, which

  • will not be delivered because of capping - or
  • will be impacted by competing (contending) insertions - or
  • will not be delivered as there is not enough inventory

Non-controlled insertions with min./max. volume

Non-controlled insertions with a min./max. volume are represented by a green bar. The percentages refer to the defined min./max. volume. In case of a min. volume, the percentage may be greater than 100%.

Non-controlled insertions without volume

For non-controlled insertions without any volume set, the forecast displays the inventory availability of the inventory occupied by the insertion.

Forecast not available

Message Description
"Insufficient information for insertion availability. Placement (format, site/page) information is missing."

This message is displayed in case of newly created insertions, which lack information required for forecast predictions. A pop up window will open and indicate the missing information (e. g. placement).
"Free access to inventory availability is limited to the combination of {1} targeting criteria over a period of {0} days. For unlimited access, please subscribe to the pay offer via your sales contact."

This message is displayed in case you use the free forecast version and have selected more than one targeting criterion. Only the premium version supports unlimited targeting criteria. For more information, read about "Targeting types“ here.

List of competing insertions

Click the link See competing insertions. You will be redirected to the forecast UI. There, the scope (placements, targeting criteria etc.) of the insertion will be preselected. The list of insertions will show the insertions delivering on the insertion's scope.

Estimation vs full calculation

Upon each saving of the insertion (Save button clicked), the forecast preview will take the recently made changes into account.

However, the displayed data are on the fly estimations, labelled with an "Estimated" label. They will be replaced by precise data after the next full forecast calculation.

In the free forecast version, a full calculation is triggered every night at midnight. The data is to be considered precise as soon as the full calculation is completed (data is updated and "Estimated" label disappears).

In the premium forecast version, the full calculation is triggered immediately after any saved change to the insertion. The full calculation is completed after approx. 5 mins (data is updated and "Estimated " label disappears).

For more about the free and premium versions, read here.

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