Big data report - interaction metrics


Interactions are also called actions or events. They all refer to the same concept.

This article lists the available interaction metrics in big data reports with explanations. Video interactions are described here.


To access the Metrics section of big data reports:

  • go to Reports > Creation of a report
  • select appropriate columns (Note: the interaction metrics are not compatible with Targeting related columns; for instance, you cannot get interaction metrics when you selected "Country", "State", "OS", "Keyword" etc. columns)
  • go to the Metrics section
  • open the section Interactions

Standard events

Standard events are predefined by Smart AdServer. They are identical in all of Smart AdServer's networks.

Metric name Description
timeview legacy metric
ad was stopped
restart ad was restarted
audioon audio was switched on
audio was switched off
clickposition legacy metric
ad backfill event for ad
noad backfill event for noad
timeout backfill event for timeout
bid legacy metric
winnotice legacy metric
viewability ad was viewable, more details here
viewerrror viewability of the ad could not be measured; more details here
adexpand ad was expanded
adskip ad was skipped
adcollapse ad was collapsed
adslidecount legacy metric

Network events

Network events are specific to each network. They are created and displayed in the big data report UI as soon as an interaction call with the given key (metric) is made.

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