3 - Investigating a drop in revenue

Read this article if you are seeing a (sudden) decline in RTB+ revenue.

The steps in this article should be followed in the indicated order.
Additionally, Step 3 (Check RTB+ insertions) should be performed on a monthly basis.

Step 1: Check delivery rules

Go to RTB+ > Delivery rules

In case of a drop in revenue on a specific day:

  • check the delivery rules created or changed during the given day or the day before
  • focus on delivery rules with the effect Block and Floor price (with high floor prices)
  • check if there were changes in transparency settings (delivery rules and network setting); being transparent is the best way to increase revenue

In case of a drop in revenue, which is gradual over a few days, check all delivery rules created around the day the drop in revenue started.

For more details about delivery rules, read here.

Step 2: Check recently created deals

Go to RTB+ > Deals and check for new deals and their settings, which may be responsible for the drop in revenue.

An Exclusive Deal (checkbox "Exclusive Deal" enabled) means that there will be no attempts to sell the given impression in an open auction, in case it cannot be sold through the deal.

Use the Exclusive Deal option only when your deal is configured with sufficient precision (on specific placements etc.). Typically, this is done by connecting the deal to a dedicated RTB+ insertion (with specific placements, targeting settings etc.).

For more details about deal settings, read here.

Step 3: Check RTB+ insertions

For this step, you need to create two reports: one report for the period before the drop in revenue and a second report for the period after the drop in revenue. Both reports must have the same period (e. g. one week).

Read this article to get general information on how to create an RTB+ custom report.

Preparing the report: Columns

  • go to RTB+ > Creation of a report
  • set the Period ( e. g. Previous week)
  • under Placement, select the column Insertion

Preparing the report: Metrics

Switch to the metrics tab and select these metrics in the following order:

  • RTB+ Impressions
  • Revenue
  • RTB+ Bids
  • Average Offered CPM
  • Average Winner CPM
  • Average Clearing CPM
  • Auctions

Preparing the template

Download the Excel Template

  • Paste the data of the period before the drop in revenue into the first Excel tab
  • Paste the data of the period after the drop in revenue into the second Excel tab
  • Switch to the Results tab
  • In Excel, go to Data and select Refresh all

Interpreting the results

On the Results tab, negative values represent a drop (decline) while positive values represent an increase.

Fill rate drop
If the auction volume remained unchanged, but you see a fill rate drop, you may have many bids below the floor price, bid losses or blocked bids.
To get more insights, generate a custom report for the previous day with the columns Insertion and Bid Status and the metrics RTB+ Bids, and Average Offered CPM.
In case the floor prices need adjustments, read this article for more information.

eCPM drop
If the revenue remained constant but impressions increased, your floor prices may be too low. To optimize the floor prices, create a Bid landscape report.

Auctions but no impressions
If you are seeing auctions but hardly impression, check your recently added deals - in particular the "Exclusive deal" checkbox. Read more above (Step 2: Check recently created deals).

No auctions
If you are seeing no auctions at all, check if Smart AdServer's ad tags are implemented properly on your website(s).

Step 4: Check sizes

In your RTB+ insertions, add additional sizes in the Acceptable sizes field. This allows you to accept multiple sizes for a single format (multi-size bid request), which improves fill rate and increases revenue.

For a full list of sizes by script template, read here.

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