SDK Ad Mediation


The Smart AdServer SDK supports ad mediation for the following ad networks:

  • AdColony
  • AppLovin
  • Google Mobile Ads (AdMob)
  • Facebook Audience Network
  • InMobi
  • Millennial
  • MNG Ads
  • MoPub

The Smart AdServer SDK detects SDK(s) of these ad networks included in your application and uses them to request third-party ads.

To use the ad mediation, you need to have an account with the individual ad network(s).

How it works

  • the Smart AdServer SDK has technical adapters to support each of the ad networks 
  • when the application is launched, the Smart AdServer SDK searches for the SDKs of the ad networks (i. e. it verifies if the according libraries are imported in the application project)
  • the list of available mediation SDKs is included in every ad request to Smart AdServer
  • in its response, Smart AdServer returns a list of mediation ads (max. 4) + 1 non-mediation ad (read more below)

About the selection of mediation ads

Smart AdServer maximizes revenue using a client side passback feature, which works as follows:

-- Smart AdServer sends a list of mediation ads (max. 4 ads*) and one non-mediation ad

-- the mediation ads are selected based on their priority (i. e. the priority specified in the mediation ad insertions)

-- mediation ads are selected following the waterfall principle (when first mediation network does not respond, the next network is tried etc.)

-- as a final backfill (none of the mediation networks responded), it will select the non-mediation insertion

This makes sure that every impression is monetized

*Note: The limitation of 4 ads is necessary since there is a more global timeout of the SDK: when 4 networks did not respond, the timeout stops the selection process.

When using mediation, the Smart AdServer backend will count impressions only (no counting of clicks/VAST metrics etc.).

Setup in the user interface

Smart AdServer provides a script template for each mediation partner. In each script template, you need to specify vendor specific IDs (e. g. Ad Unit ID, Zone ID etc.) as well as the format (Banner, Interstitial etc.)

This example shows the fields for the script template “Mopub 4.10+ Mediation Wrapper”

Get back to your service contact to have the mediation ad script templates enabled in your network.

Supported ad formats

The following table shows the supported ad formats for each partner:

Note: Also refer to this list which may be more up to date than the list above.

Technical documentation

For further details, refer to the technical documentation, which includes:

  • the formats which are supported for each ad network
  • links to the ad network SDK documentations
  • instructions to enable ad mediation in your application
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